Life Insurance Analysis

Do You Have Questions About Your Life Insurance Policy Or Annuity?

Steve Burgess, a Life Insurance Analyst, has over 28 years of extensive life insurance industry experience. Steve can review your current life insurance policy for comparisons to alternative policies, damage calculations, divorce settlements or buying decisions. He makes all life insurance features easy to understand so the best decisions can be made.  A completely unbiased and trusted source of quality information and sound financial advice is what you get every time from Steve Burgess.  He can help you with:

  • Life Insurance Risk Analysis
  • Life Insurance Coverage Recommendations
  • Evaluation and Analysis of Life Insurance Policies
  • Analysis of and Recommendations for Life Insurance Matters Involving:
    • Life Insurance Policy Purchases, Exchanges, and Surrenders
    • Financial Planning, Tax Planning, Charitable Planning, and Estate Planning Matters
    • Business Planning Life Insurance Issues, Including Buy-Sell, Split Dollar, Key Person, Executive Bonus, and Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plans
    • Pension Plan and Retirement Plan Issues
    • Employee Benefits
    • Life Settlement Issues
    • Beneficiary Issues
  • Valuation of Life Insurance Policies
  • Solve problems of tax-detrimental policy ownership, beneficiaries, and premium payors, including Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs).
  • Review and revise split-dollar plans to comply with new IRS rules and regulations.
  • Restructure existing policies to perform more safely and effectively.
  • Furnish second opinions on proposed insurance purchases.

Do you have questions about purchasing or analyzing life insurance, collecting life insurance death benefits, or other life insurance issues?

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